This has taken over my life right now.

The possibilities.

  April 04, 2014 at 07:56am

I’ve been asked why i am so dark 3x today. Three times. 

  April 03, 2014 at 11:30am

Thinking of side shaving my hair but have no idea how it would look to me. This is my failed attempt to see. Also, my mother would kill me.

Still thinking though lol

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No, it’s you. Always been you Adam. 

I found my palestinian and he looks like this.

He emerged from my wet dreams. 

Sometimes when im feeling down, i just remember the queen khorkina and i become ok!

How can anyone not like her?! 

There will never be another one! No on!

How Viktor Ahn won the 500m Short track Olympic Gold

My favourite gold medal win at the Sochi Olympics!

Started off terribly


Trailed everybody


China’s Liang Wenhao crashed after 2 lapsimage

Viktor Ahn, known for his strategy to follow the leaders, then sprint using an outside passing lane (or occasionally an inside passing lane if the opportunity arises) with only two or three laps to go started to pounce


He unleashed his Usain Bolt and passed China’s Wu Dajing at the start of the final lap to first place


First with 41.312. Wu of china finishes 2nd with 41.516. Canada’s Charle Cournoyer gets the bronze.


What Olympic golds are made of! I could watch this all day!




This is Ahn’s first Olympic gold for the 500m. An event that has been elusive to him but finally over now. He becomes the first athlete to win gold in all four short track events in Olympic Winter Games history (men’s 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 5000m relay) at 28, also one of the oldest athletes competing. 


His 8 medals in total matches the record of US skater Apolo Anton Ohno, making them the most decorated speed skaters of all time. But Viktor Ahn has 6 golds in all of his 8 while Ohno has only 2 golds. Many including Ohno considers Ahn the best short track skater in history. 

Ohno on this 500m performance:

”It was Ahn’s clinic on how to short track speedskate tonight. He wrote a textbook,” 

The king of Sochi and best short track skater in the world!

This Olympics was bombarded with so much negativity from Russophobic Americans and some Horrible Idiotic media propagandists. I felt so bad for the athletes who waited and trained hard because focus was not on them when it should be. But in the end, these fuckers had to eat their words because the olympics was lovely. So many amazing unforgettable moments and bamfness. 

Politics and propaganda aside, Russia is a beautiful country with such a rich culture. Ain’t no Russian event without theatre, ballet, musicals and literature!

That ballet bolshoi theatre scene was too much. The circus was beautiful. The upside down house was wow. But the great Russian literature part is the one that killed me. So amazing that people get to see more of your history. Some idiots were expecting some party music like pitbull and found these culture stuff boring. Well suck it up and you can go watch those thrash later on while eating mcdonalds. But really, everything was beautiful and too much.

Thank you to the 25,000 volunteers and people who worked hard on this olympics. Sochi is not as developed as Moscow but it’s a beautiful place. Thank you for this olympics!

Can’t wait for Pyeongchang, South Korea in 2018. I will be there. 

Tribute to Russian Literature at the Sochi Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony

Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Gogol, Chekov, Gorky,Bulgakov, Mayakovskiy and Solzhenitsyn etc. 

Gave me chills. Beautiful. 

Yulia’s Schindler’s list program as the ‘girl in the red dress’ will forever be my fave

(via forbiddenforest)

No one spins like yulia

Russians poking fun at themselves. Well played. Loved this!

"Viktor is as close to perfecting the sport as you humanly possibly can. We always try and imitate him because that’s as good as it gets."           -American short track skater, Eddy Alvarez
"The best way to pay tribute to my hero (Viktor Ahn) is to go beyond him."  -Liang Wenhao of China
"He’s got 8 medals. 6 gold. Perhaps the best ever to put short track speed skates on." -Apolo Ohno, short track star
The best Short track speed skater in the world! Viktor Ahn won 4 medals for Russia in this Sochi Olympics. 3 of them gold. Three. First athlete to medal in all events (500m, 1000m,1500m, 5000m relay) and he did it twice. Twice. He just won 2 gold medals in a span of one hour now! He has a total of 8 olympic medals and 6 of them in gold. 

South Korea, kicking themselves again and harder right now. South Korean Skating Union getting that well deserved backlash. You wronged him, left him out and now he’s throwing out gold medals for Russia. Sochi 2014 Winter Games 
8 Olympics medals. 6 golds. And he wasn’t even on the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. 
Redemption. Legend.